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Hybrid Cloud Management

Do you want access to the well-known cloud providers but need more comprehensive management of your setup?

Beeks Financial Cloud can offer low-latency hosting and direct connectivity for trading applications, and provide connectivity to the major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Compute and Microsoft Azure.

This enables you to use Beeks for any financial services hosting, but also to connect to the larger generic cloud vendors to communicate with other Cloud-based applications, for example CRM services or accessing the Microsoft environment.

It’s the best of both worlds.

What Next?

The advantage of hosting with Beeks is that we provide and manage your infrastructure and connectivity from the ground up, constantly monitoring your hardware for signs of outage, failure or malware attack. Our Network Operations Team are on hand 24/6.

We have a range of Dedicated Servers, from £200 per month to £1725 (depending on the computing power required), available in a choice of datacentre locations. Check out all our prices here: Dedicated Server Pricing

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