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Do you require secure infrastructure upon which to run your cryptocurrency trading algorithms? Have you been looking for low-latency connectivity to a cryptocurrency exchange?

Beeks can provide this in our select Crypto Connect package. This service offers the optimum setup and environment for cryptocurrency traders and institutions looking to source crypto liquidity.

If you are a cryptocurrency exchange looking for hosting, we can provide infrastructure in crypto hubs such as our New York NY4 data centre.

We also offer several connectivity options to cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

  • Gemini Exchange in NY4 – a digital asset exchange and custodian for individuals and institutions
  • Seed CX in NY4 – an institutional digital asset exchange for spot trading
  • LMAX Digital in LD4/5 – the institutional cryptocurrency exchange from the LMAX Exchange Group
  • BEQUANT Exchange in LD4/5 – a cryptocurrency exchange with prime brokerage services
  • Deribit Exchange in LD4/5 – a futures and options exchange for cryptocurrencies
  • XTRD in NY4/5 – Unified FIX API, aggregated liquidity for major cryptocurrency exchanges, and a standalone professional trading platform
  • Exchange in LD4 – bringing to trading the trust and security you’d expect a company that has transacted over $620B in crypto since 2011

What Next?

The Beeks Crypto Connect package starts at £258 per month and consists of:

  • Your choice of Dedicated Server hosted in one of three Equinix datacentres
  • Dedicated low-latency connectivity over fibre to the cryptocurrency exchange of your choice

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