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Colocation as a Service: Singapore

Our Co-location as a Service (CaaS) collaboration with Singapore Exchange provides an on-demand virtual or bare metal dedicated infrastructure from Beeks Financial Cloud setup within SGX Co-Location Tier-1 rack space.

CaaS offers ultra-low latency access to the SGX trading platforms via a choice of shared or dedicated fibre uplinks from Beeks infrastructure.

Beeks provides entry level access to both UAT and Production environments either directly in SGX, or by connecting privately from the Beeks infrastructure in Equinix SG1.

The new collaboration introduces direct access to the SGX Test Environment and SGX REACH as well as Titan Matching Engines by way of ultra-low latency connectivity using virtual private servers and bare metal dedicated servers for high speed access to SGX markets.

What Next?

The CaaS can be activated and turnaround within 24 hours thereby reducing new trading participant time to market.

The CaaS packages are available on 30 day commitments via the Beeks Marketplace.

With sub 15μs network latencies, it provides an ultra-fast cross connect and cost-effective solution for those looking for swift and reliable connectivity to SGX.

In addition, Beeks can now provide connectivity to customers in Equinix SG1 directly to SGX, connecting customers between both locations within the Beeks infrastructure via private dark fibre. Interested in fast access to SGX? Submit an outline of your requirements to find out how we can help you.

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