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Analytics as a Service

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis allows you to track and analyse every single price, quote, order or trade through your system, in real-time.

Ensure that you are getting the best performance from your liquidity sources, and that you are giving the best performance to your clients.

Identify bottlenecks and suboptimal configuration before these impact your business.

Monitor your transactions with reference PTP (Precision Time Protocol) timestamped network packets to give you enhanced visibility of your trading performance.

Tailored to your needs

Beeks Analytics as a Service at LD4 and NY4 campuses is available in 3 options:

View - available exclusively to Beeks Financial Cloud customers. Provides access to 8 days of packet capture storage and retrieval.

Analyse - available to both Beeks and to non-Beeks customers. In addition to View's capabilities, Analyse adds rich network analysis and alerting, and provides deep real-time analysis of each message seen on the network.

Customise - extends the Analyse service with simultaneous measurements at multiple different locations in the network simultaneously, and enhanced workflow monitoring customisation.

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