Beeks trading infrastructure

Beeks Financial Cloud is based in 17 datacentres globally, providing Infrastructure as a Service and proximity trading services for the key financial hubs and liquidity centres across multiple asset classes.

Based on client demand we have added seven new datacentre locations in the last 18 months and we will continue to offer new sites and opportunities for our customers to grow with us as the vast amounts of data requiring edge-based capture and analysis increases.

Exchange and execution

Outsourced low latency connectivity as a service using our secure, fully redundant, pre-built local and wide area connections.  

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Allowing you to make full use of our low-latency network while supplying your own bespoke hardware. 

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Microwave and PTP 

Providing regulatory compliant solutions with proven reliability and performance in the demanding financial space.  

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The trading infrastructure for financial enterprises

Providing the perfect ultra-low latency environment for the electronic trading community.

Why Beeks?

Beeks Financial Cloud is an industry leader in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provision for low latency financial markets.

Our Capital Markets focus and 100% Arista trading network, allows Beeks Financial Cloud to provide high quality trading infrastructure for Foreign Exchange, Futures, Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and Crypto Currency Trading companies.

With point to point connectivity to over 200+ Exchanges, Execution Venues, Liquidity Providers and Market Data sources globally, Beeks provides the perfect environment for the electronic trading community.


Beeks trading network is built using Arista low latency switches for optimal performance


Beeks provide a secure private caged environment for your infrastructure


100% of our revenue and focus is around capital markets clients and consumers

Beeks Financial Cloud offer compute and connectivity products on monthly commitments.