100% Arista trading network and low latency point to point fibre connecting our Global datacentres


Drastically limit data exposure in a world where network and information security are paramount


A growing network of datacentres globally allowing direct, secure access to financial venues/exchanges


Secure global network built for speed, security and reliability.

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Delivering exceptional, real-time business insight to the global financial community.

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Managed Cloud

The Cloud is the foundation of digital change.

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On Demand Compute

Ultra low latency with same day, consumption based pricing.

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Trading Infrastructure

Global network built for speed, security and reliability.

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Open Banking & PAYMENTS

Managed solutions that mitigate sensitive data security risk.

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The Beeks solution

By reducing barriers to entry, improving time to market and delivering the opportunity for an immediate return on investment, our secure access to the largest Cloud Service Providers and leading Exchanges, Execution Venues and Market Data sources, allow our customers to experience a scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution from a single supplier.

Beeks secure access

As financial enterprises take different routes and approaches to create value from digital transformation, the one constant for CIOs is to safeguard the security of their infrastructure.

Countering the risks of exploding data volumes, infrastructure complexity and ever-changing cyber threats requires a different approach.

Beeks Financial Cloud provide institutions with bare metal cloud infrastructure and connectivity in the datacentres that matter for financial markets.