Beeks on demand compute solutions

As the digital transformation within financial enterprises accelerates, Beeks Financial Cloud provide low latency, on-demand compute environments to help scale financial businesses securely and efficiently, with same day, consumption-based pricing.

Beeks can provide setup, installation and configuration, in addition to managing and monitoring your infrastructure, all in the one place. This allows organisations to free up resources to focus on innovation and product development.

Dedicated Server

Direct connectivity to our ultra-low latency trading network for financial institutions with the need for a dedicated infrastructure delivering greater computing power.

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Low latency, resilient, enterprise class virtual machines with VM Ware providing low-latency, rock-solid infrastructure solutions.

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Private portal

Industry-leading, self-service platform through which clients can manage and configure their own infrastructure.

On demand compute for financial enterprises

With the added flexibility of managing your infrastructure from your own private portal.

Why Beeks?

Beeks offer a safe, scalable and robust global platform to allow Financial Services companies the ability to experience the full benefit of on demand compute and at the same time reduce barriers to entry and time to market.

Virtual or Dedicated server solutions can be ordered via our unique customer portal. Decide which product is most suitable for you and let’s start building your infrastructure.


Manage your infrastructure and connectivity from the ground up


Sensitive data is saved and managed on dedicated, secure environments reducing compliance and regulatory risk


The Beeks expert Network Operations Team are all specialists in the field of financial technologies and are available 24/7

Beeks Financial Cloud offer compute and connectivity products on monthly commitments.