Our global cloud environment is connected by low latency point-to-point fibre which can be purchased on monthly contracts.

A dedicated network of lines between London, New York, Frankfurt, Chicago, Tokyo and Hong Kong, offering 1 GBPS and or 10 GBPS point to point fibre lines.

Choose Beeks to reduce latency, remove network hops, reduce network jitter, perform large scale daily backups between key trading geographies and benefit from disaster recovery options to mitigate full site failure.

WAN Latency Speeds

  • CME DC3 to EQUINIX CH2: 563us
  • EQUINIX CH2 to EQUINIX NY4: 15.8ms
  • EQUINIX NY4 to EQUINIX LD4/5: 69ms
  • EQUINIX LD4/5 to EQUINIX FR2: 11.2ms
  • EQUINIX LD4/5 to EQUINIX TY3: 170ms
  • EQUINIX TY3 to EQUINIX NY4: 142ms
  • EQUINIX HK1 to EQUINIX LD4/5: 185ms
  • EQUINIX HK1 to EQUINIX TY3: 47ms
  • EQUINIX HK1 to EQUINIX NY4: 191ms

Datacenter Locations

  • CME DC3 // Aurora, Illinois
  • EQUINIX CH2 // Chicago, Illinois
  • EQUINIX FR2 // Frankfurt, Germany
  • EQUINIX HK1 // West Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • EQUINIX LD4 // London (Slough), UK
  • EQUINIX LD5 // London (Slough), UK
  • EQUINIX NY4 // New York (Secaucus)
  • EQUINIX TY3 // Tokyo, Japan