Private cloud

Cloud solutions that mitigate sensitive data security risk.

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Why choose private cloud?

Private cloud solutions allow you to build bespoke security into your cloud set-up as well as guarantee performance. Using dedicated hardware, Private Cloud architecture mitigates the security and performance risk of using shared resources.

Beeks infrastructure comprises leading-edge solutions and best of breed technology to reduce latency and ensure high throughput.

Our financial services focused experts are readily available to design, build and deploy your own independent network and private cloud.


Tailor-made configuration of networking components, dedicated hardware and storage to your specification


Your own dedicated infrastructure gives you a performance advantage over public cloud


Sensitive data is saved and managed on dedicated, secure environments reducing compliance and regulatory risk

Our Private Cloud solutions are employed to safeguard low latency cloud offerings primarily within exchange or general financial services datacentres.

Beeks private cloud solution

Our Cloud solutions are built on Arista (for low latency) and Juniper technologies, close to network edges for a better user experience. With Beeks you can enjoy full Operating System (OS) support on Windows and Linux server nodes from security patching to provisioning and upgrading of the base OS on bare metal servers. Virtual Machines are deployed via VMWare VCentre using pre-agreed Templates as defined by you.

Our flexible compute comes with additional burst capabilities including a % scale up as standard and the ability to upgrade this further to meet user demands.

As part of any Managed Cloud Agreement, Beeks will monitor and manage your chosen operating system, end-to-end.

Why Beeks?

Our Private Cloud solutions are employed by Banks, Brokers, HFT organisations, Liquidity providers within FX, Futures and Crypto Currency asset classes to safeguard low latency Cloud offerings primarily within exchange or general financial services datacentres.

The Beeks Private Cloud is rolled out to 17 datacentre locations globally with the largest footprints being within the primary FX datacentres of (exchanges) NY4, LD4, TY3 and SG1 – CME, SGX, LME, etc. Beeks supports 400+ cross connects to the Financial ecosystem and a hardware estate of 20,000+ Virtual Machines and 3,000+ Bare Metal Servers.