Beeks Financial Cloud is a leading cloud computing and connectivity provider for financial services. Our cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model allows financial organisations the flexibility and agility to deploy and connect to a variety of exchanges, trading venues and cloud service providers at a fraction of the cost of building their own networks and infrastructure.

Based in the UK with fifteen data centres globally and low-latency connectivity between sites, the Beeks Financial Cloud supports its global customers at scale in the world’s leading financial centres.

The Group’s platform has been specifically designed for latency sensitive automated trading environments and provides ‘on demand’ low latency computing resources to its clients through its direct connectivity to various Financial Exchanges across the world.

Beeks is positioned to benefit from the growth in the market for automated trading and the growing adoption of cloud computing. The Company operates in a fragmented market place, offering opportunity for accelerated growth through acquisition.


Market & Strategy

Beeks is an established, profitable and growing business with strong relationships and a reliable client base. We have invested in our core infrastructure so that we can scale the business significantly on our current operational asset base.

Our principal strategy is to grow our institutional customer base in the automated Forex and Futures markets. These are both high growth areas of the automated trading industry, with financial institutions around the world looking to increase their customer offerings and requiring sophisticated cloud-based technology platforms to do so. We have an established customer base in both markets and a strong competitive advantage through the breadth of our cross-connects to trading venues, the sophistication of our self-service web portal and the breadth of our services.

Organic growth will be achieved through the entry into new geographies, the continued evolution of our self-service web portal, and the addition of further services to our platform, such as data feeds from additional trading venues, data normalisation (where data from Trading Venues is collated and packaged), cloud data recovery, and additional connectivity offerings and WAN capacity.

The Group continues to evaluate opportunities in our sector to add value to our core business. We are looking for both bolt-on acquisition opportunities and larger, more strategic initiatives. We have a strict criteria for both valuation metrics and target performance which will be used to evaluate any potential opportunities.


History of the Company

The Group was established in 2011 by CEO Gordon McArthur in order to provide low latency VPS (Virtual Private Server) services to the retail trading market, operating out of a single site at the Equinix NY4 datacentre in New Jersey. Within six months, it had added a site in London to serve the London Forex markets.

Over the next several years, the company gradually expanded, acquiring assets in the US, which included Gallant VPS and VDIWare LLC, and launched a presence in Hong Kong.

In November 2017, Beeks completed a successful IPO, raising £7m, and was admitted to trading on AIM under the ticker BKS. Since that time, it has successfully executed on its growth strategy, expanding into new geographies, adding connections to equities and cryptocurrencies, and launching new services.

The Group is headquartered in Glasgow and now operates from fifteen datacentre locations in London, New York, Chicago, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Customers include over 220 financial institutions and over 9,000 retail traders worldwide. Many of the world’s largest forex brokers white label the Beeks Financial Cloud platform for use by their customers.