Wide Area Network

Reliable, robust and ultra-fast.

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Why choose wide area network?

A fast, reliable wide area network (WAN) solution helps financial enterprises meet key challenges including cost, ease of deployment, flexibility and scalability. An important part of financial organisations enterprise network strategy is optimisation.

Beeks global infrastructure offers a point to point wide area network joining its sites around the world. Our pure cloud offering allows financial institutions the ability to scale their environments via our infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) model to meet their individual requirements. With everexpanding options for connectivity directly connected to our cloud, we reduce the cost and time to market for financial enterprises.


A growing network of datacentres globally allowing direct, secure access to financial venues/exchanges


100% of our revenue and focus is around financial clients and consumers


100% Arista trading network and low latency point to point fibre connecting our Global datacentres

Our network spans a large geographical area, across 17 international datacentres and we provide low latency connections between all our locations.

Beeks wide area network (WAN)

The backbone of Beeks global WAN network is reliable, robust and fast, offering responsive access to financial applications and information. Our network spans a large geographical area, across 17 international datacentres.

We provide low latency connections between all our locations, New York (NY4/NY5), London (LD4/LD5/LD8), London Interxion (Lon1), Chicago (CH2), Frankfurt (FR2), Tokyo (TY3), Hong Kong (HK1), Aurora (DC3), Singapore (SG1/SGX), Paris (PA3) and Sydney (SY3).

Why Beeks?

Beeks Financial Cloud is based in 17 datacentres globally, providing Infrastructure as a Service and proximity trading services for the key financial hubs and liquidity centres across multiple asset classes.

As the vast amounts of data requiring edge based execution and analysis increases so does the demand for new sites and opportunities. Our continuous addition of capacity in the global market is driven by customer demand so that you can grow with us.