Beeks Connectivity

Connectivity is a major driver for digital operations in the financial industry. Beeks deliver a host of connectivity options across a secure, ultra-low latency global backbone that solves many of the connectivity challenges faced by organisations in order to support a distributed architecture. We identify IT transformation steps in order to deliver improvements in your IT delivery capabilities & efficiency.


Beeks secure network provides the ability to deploy your infrastructure globally within our datacentre locations     

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Private network 

Custom built environment with leading security protocols, designed and built to your specific specifications to meet your business demands 

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Cross connects 

Safe and secure point-to-point connectivity within 17 global datacenters 

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Ultra low latency and secure connectivity for financial enterprises

Fast and secure connections built on Arista low latency switching fabric for sub microsecond speeds.

Why Beeks?

With private and direct access to the leading cloud service providers and point to point connectivity to over 200 exchanges, execution venues, liquidity providers and market data sources globally on either a dedicated or shared basis, Beeks provides the perfect environment for the electronic financial markets.

Beeks Financial Cloud provides financial enterprises with the infrastructure and connectivity in the datacentres that matter for financial markets.


Manage your infrastructure and connectivity from the ground up


Continuous monitoring for signs of outage, failure or cyber attack


Fast and secure connections built on Arista low latency switching fabric for sub millisecond speed

Beeks Financial Cloud offer compute and connectivity products on monthly commitments.