For institutions who wish a level of security and privacy which can only be provided by co-location, Beeks Financial Cloud can offer co-location in any of our data centres within our private cages.

Utilise our low latency network and our Smart Hands services when you supply your own bespoke hardware.

We can supply from 1U of space for a single server up to a fully powered rack within our private cages.

1 U of space with a full built network begins at $400USD in London and NY, with slightly higher figures applicable for Chicago and direct connection to CME.

Co-located equipment is monitored 24/6 from our Global Network Operations Centre.

To get a customised quote with no salesperson interaction simply fill in the requirements form on this page.

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When an enquiry is made, we will send a custom quote, assuming we have all the information available. If we need more information, one of our technical staff will be in touch. Absolutely no salespeople will contact you and no member of the Beeks team will chase any enquiries.

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