Beeks Analytics

Comprehensive monitoring and performance analysis allows you to independently track and analyse real-time performance of every single price, quote or trade traversing business critical processes. Immediate access to analytics and actionable insights to identify bottlenecks, understand capacity issues and verify new system roll-out performance.

Monitor your transactions with the precision timing required in financial markets, with the intelligence to link complex transactions together, connect them with market data or other drivers, and link back to network packets.

Velocimetrics technology is at the heart of Beeks Analytics, acquired in April 2020 and continuing to innovate. Recent enhancements include proven 100Gbps traffic monitoring capability and stream2Cloud, which dramatically lowers the costs and complexity for firms wishing to monitor more of their network data across multiple sites.

VMX EndToEnd 

Real-time operational oversight and detailed analysisdelivering network packet capture to high-level business analytics in a single, integrated solution. 

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A unique, real-time, enterprise-scale, cloud based network packet capture and analytics platform for capturing data from one or multiple remote sites.

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Precisely replay market data feeds to accurately recreate market conditions and stress test your applications with customisable test scenarios. 

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The data analytics solution for financial markets

Get the Beeks Analytics edge. Rapidly detect quality issues impacting trading decisions and improve trading profitability while maintaining regulatory requirements

Why Beeks?

Beeks Analytics delivers comprehensive, real-time business insight to the global financial community. Designed by industry experts to meet the specific monitoring and performance analysis needs of your firm’s complex environments, Velocimetrics provides an independent, transparent and detailed view of the business impact of all activities taking place across each and every system and network as they are happening.

You can chain together all related data to create complete end-to-end business flows in real time to analyse performance immediately and capture flows for meaningful future investigation. Quality market data is integral to trading success and Velocimetrics’ technology continually assesses the quality of data being employed in trading decisions.


Measure true performance, supported by a team of independent subject matter experts


Instant notification in the event of market data quality issues that are invisible to the application


Beeks Analytics has been specifically designed to analyze complex financial markets workflows

Beeks Financial Cloud offer compute and connectivity products on monthly commitments.