Business Continuity: Coronavirus Statement

In light of recent Coronavirus events we wish to reassure our customers that we are considering the health of our staff, clients and partners as a priority. To date, Coronavirus has not affected our business but we are following the advice of UK and Scottish Government.

In order to minimise business disruption and continue providing services to our clients, we have invoked our business continuity plan which includes provisions to enable our employees to work remotely using a range of collaboration tools and continue working closely with colleagues, clients and partners.

We are also taking a more cautious approach to change and maintenance work. More scrutiny is being placed on technical changes with only essential work being approved by our Change Advisory Board.

Data Centres Globally have introduced strict access controls and we expect these controls to tighten further. Beeks are doing everything possible to ensure we obtain the access required to maintain operational stability. Where required and possible we will use data centre engineers for critical work.