Beeks Financial Cloud has launched a new feature of enhanced DDoS protection with real-time alerts and monitoring via our Partner Portal.

This new feature will prompt clients via the Portal to set up Beeks’ custom anti-DDoS security packages on their servers. Once this is done, they will be able to receive DDoS attack notifications on their Portal, alerting them in the case they are facing a DDoS attack and to show that Beeks is mitigating it on their behalf.





Clients will also be able to view their network traffic on their Portal, showing real-time legitimate traffic and highlighting any attack on the server.



The aim of this feature is to prompt an emphasis on security for all clients and ensure client infrastructure is protected by the anti-DDoS security, to reduce likelihood of any outage or financial loss from attack.

This is in addition to our Backup Service, which is also managed via the Portal, and allows clients to save server images of their data to a secure offsite location for greater redundancy.

Beeks CEO, Gordon McArthur, commented, “Security is vital in the financial services technology sector, and often clients aren’t aware of the options available to them to best protect their infrastructure.

“At Beeks, this is a priority for us and we seek to offer the highest level of security to our clients in order to safeguard against any potential attack.”