We are pleased to announce the launch of our Beeks Backup Service, an automated server image backup for Dedicated Servers and storage within Dedicated Servers.

Initially available within our London locations and subsequently to be rolled out to our other global locations, this service provides backup images of customers’ data in Beeks’ offsite location, via a secure dedicated network.

The process is simple, involving our clients running an agent on their DS managed via the Beeks Partner Portal that will back up their server every day, week, or however often they choose. These backup images of their data will then be stored securely in our offsite location. The significance of this is simply that, should there ever be a systems failure in one of the datacentres, for some reason, then we can simply pull the client’s saved data images from the backup site, ensuring that it is not lost.

There are advantages to implementing this backup service as, besides having a failsafe for emergency situations, it can be beneficial for compliance. Often, organisations have a regulatory responsibility to have a backup for their information, to provide reassurance for their own customers or partners.

The service will be provided under a pay-as-you-store model, and is being launched following a successful proof of concept testing with a small customer set, who are now live on the service.

CEO Gordon commented, “The aim of this Backup Service is to further increase the security options available to our clients in order to best protect their data, which is of the utmost importance to us. With the ever-increasing threat of hacking and malware attacks, security and backup procedures are imperative, particularly in a sensitive industry such as automated trading. I am extremely pleased to announce this server imaging addition to our offering and look forward to its implementation in London and other locations later in the year.”