It’s the end of Q2 of 2019, and as usual, there has been a lot going on at Beeks.

We acquired Commercial Network Services (CNS), a US-based, VPS provider. The company reflects the services that Beeks currently offers to retail traders, in addition to bringing a new customer base and new datacentre locations in London, New York and Los Angeles.

We also recently announced our expansion within Equinix datacentres, taking space in their New York NY5 datacentre (our second in New York) and further upgrading our current space in the London LD4 site.

Beeks has a new Backup Service that is coming soon to our London sites. This service entails clients running an agent on their server that frequently backs up their data to an offsite location so that, in the event of a failure, we can restore clients’ data from the backup machine, with no loss to the client.

We have continued to grow our service offering with Hybrid Cloud Management capabilities. Beeks can offer clients fully managed ECX services, with IaaS across all major cloud providers including AWS, Google Compute and Microsoft Azure.

CEO Gordon was recognised as a finalist in EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Scotland 2019, and Beeks won Company of the Year at the Small Cap Awards 2019.

Finally, Gordon attended Mello 2019, along with CFO Fraser McDonald, to present the company to the small cap investor circuit. It proved to be another successful event.

Time to look forward to the next quarter and everything that Beeks will be getting up to this summer!