The Problem

FIXI Markets is a multi-asset broker offering high-class trading technology support,  as well as access to market data and deep liquidity. Based in London, FIXI caters to customers on a global scale, placing an emphasis on customised and secure trading experiences tailored to the needs of the individual.

FIXI were looking to improve clients’ trade execution by moving from Microsoft Azure hosting to dedicated infrastructure across several locations. Additionally, they were seeking high-speed connectivity to several liquidity providers. FIXI aims to provide the best possible service offering to clients, using a sophisticated, low-latency hosting solution.

The Solution

Beeks Financial Cloud is a UK-based, low-latency service provider for institutional capital markets. With eleven datacentres globally and low-latency connectivity between sites, Beeks focuses on reducing time to market for clients trading in forex, futures, equities, fixed income, and cryptocurrencies.

FIXI selected Beeks to help fulfil their migration from Azure and implement their subsequent MT4 deployment. Beeks provided a dedicated infrastructure setup across a range of locations on their LD4, FR2 and HK1 datacentres, as well as direct low-latency connectivity to selected liquidity providers.

The Result

FIXI Markets’ data was successfully migrated to Beeks’ infrastructure, supporting and running FIXI’s trading operations efficiently and securely. This has allowed FIXI to offer their clients greater capacity of their services with sub-millisecond latencies, improving order execution and reducing slippage, creating more certainty on each trade for clients transacting through FIXI’s broker offering.



A division of FIXI Plc, FIXI Markets was established by multiple global brokers whose vision was to create a broker based around service and relationships. Catering to global markets, FIXI offers a variety of market-leading platforms including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and Currenex, to meet the preferred requirements of any given client. In addition to exceptional trading support, FIXI offers access to the latest market data and deep liquidity. To learn more about FIXI Markets’ services, visit