We are adding connectivity to Seed CX, a licensed exchange for institutional trading and settlement of spot digital asset products, in our NY4 datacentre.

Seed CX offers a US-based market for spot contracts on fiat-to-digital asset pairs, initially to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and LiteCoin, as well as planning to offer a derivatives market for these digital assets on its registered Swap Execution Facility.

Edward Woodford, CEO of Seed CX, commented, “Seed CX is focused on giving institutions the confidence they need to add digital assets to their existing trading strategies and portfolios, and performance is a big part of that equation. We are excited to partner with Beeks to bring professional traders the reliability and speed they demand.”

Beeks customers will benefit from this addition to our range of connectivity as it will allow them access to a wider range of cryptocurrency markets, as the industry continues to grow. The Seed CX platform, based in our New York location, is easily accessible for clients located on the Beeks managed servers within NY4, allowing Seed CX clients to deploy quickly and start testing the Seed CX market before it’s anticipated to go live later this year.

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud, commented, “The ability for firms to consume a range of digital asset and execute trades is becoming increasingly important for all types of trading firms. At Beeks, we are very client-driven and our clients are driving us towards more digital asset markets such as Seed CX.”


Seed CX is planning to go live with its spot market in mid-October.