We are pleased to announce that Beeks Financial Cloud is hosting Deltix’s CryptoCortex platform, which provides access to the top cryptocurrency exchanges for crypto traders.

A long-time customer of Beeks, Deltix is a leading provider of software and services for automated trading. With the significant momentum in the cryptocurrency market in the last couple of years, Deltix recognised that trading venues could benefit from the expertise of the Deltix product suite, and CryptoCortex was created.

CryptoCortex from Deltix provides connectivity to more than 15 multiple crypto exchanges, allowing Beeks customers access to crypto trading via these exchanges, as well as the collection of market data.

There are three editions of the CryptoCortex platform, in order to support buy-side trading firms, broker/dealers, and exchanges.

This is not Beeks’ first foray into cryptocurrency markets, having set up connectivity to Gemini Exchange in New York in March.

Des Peck, Commercial Director at Beeks, commented, “Our client, Deltix, has been using Beeks for years to host and access multiple forex venues. Cryptocurrency trading across crypto exchanges is accelerating, with forex clients in the vanguard. We are delighted that our customers will be able to use Deltix Lab’s CryptoCortex to access a wide range of crypto exchanges.”

Sebastian Kent, Deltix’s General Manager for EMEA and Asia Pacific, commented, “Deltix’s long relationship with Beeks made them a natural choice for hosting CryptoCortex.”


For more information about CryptoCortex, or to schedule a demo, visit http://www.deltixlab.com/products/crypto-cortex/.



Deltix is a leading provider of software and services for quantitative research, algorithmic and automated systematic trading. Its software enables the development and deployment of alpha generation and/or execution strategies for buy-side and sell-side firms including asset managers, hedge funds, CTAs, proprietary trading firms, investment management firms, banks, brokers and exchanges. Users include professional “quants”, quantitative traders, portfolio managers and technologists. Deltix supports algorithmic execution for equities, futures, options, FX, and cryptocurrencies. Wholly owned by employees, Deltix was founded in 2005 by a group of computer scientists and mathematicians with extensive expertise in sophisticated quantitative and event-driven solutions.