The corporate treasurer at the multinational corporation is facing a particularly fierce global market today. Corporate hedging, key for businesses that need to minimize exposure to forex risk, is critical for a company doing cross-border operations. But technology is changing the foreign exchange trading game, and market volatility may be the only sure thing in this space.

That’s according to Beeks Financial Cloud CEO Gordon McArthur. The company provides traders and institutions with a virtual private server (VPS) service, using cloud technology to host an FX trading platform.

  • Beeks CEO Gordon McArthur says technology is significantly changing the foreign exchange trading space.
  • Beeks’ recent announcement of a partnership with Seabury FXone demonstrates the necessity of new technology solutions for companies involved in forex trading.
  • Technology enables automated trading, faster trading, and greater insight into FX fluctuations and risk exposure.
  • In addition to changing technology, McArthur highlights some key historical moments that changed the nature of the FX market.

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